Should I Fix My Car Before Trading It In?

August 3rd, 2021 by

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If you’re considering trading-in your vehicle for cash or credit in greater Ann Arbor, you may want to give it a once-over to ensure that you receive the best offer possible on it. Read on to learn about all of the ways that you can fix your car before trading it in. Then, if you’re not sure what the most cost-effective approach is, get in touch with our financiers for a consultation at Victory Honda of Plymouth.

How to Optimize the Value of Your Trade in?

If your car is behind on its maintenance schedule, you’ve been waiting to get a major repair, your vehicle is dirty, or your cabin’s upholstery is torn, you’ll likely receive less for your trade-in than its market value. That said, if you fix up your car before trading it in, you can easily and affordably avoid any potential devaluations. Here are the aspects of your vehicle to inspect before taking it for an official appraisal near Detroit:

  • Mechanics: If your tires have been run ragged, or your brake pads have been worn down to their last centimeter of rubber, it’s often best to replace components like these before you sell your vehicle.
  • Maintenance: If your vehicle is low on transmission fluid, or you’re due for a new battery, be sure to get a tune-up and get your model up-to-date with its recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Appearance: If your upholstery has cigarette burns, is heavily stained, or worn down, it may be worth it to get your car detailed and reupholstered. If your vehicle is trashed out, also bear in mind that a dirty vehicle can impact your trade-in’s value as well.

Other Considerations

The fact is, if a perfectly reliable vehicle appears to be poorly taken care of, its condition grade may be lowered. In this case, a vehicle in “good condition” may superficially seem like a vehicle in “acceptable condition.” Since these categories are vague but play a huge role in determining vehicle value, it’s important that you make all of the minor preparations that you can, so you can clearly define the healthy condition of your vehicle and get the value that it’s actually worth.

That said, make sure that the work you do is cost-effective. You’ll want to get a trade-in quote using our calculator, calculate the total costs of fixing up your vehicle, and deduct it from the trade-in estimate you received. If the repair or detailing your vehicle needs seems to cost more than you’ll likely get for your model when it’s in “good condition,” it may be best to just sell it.

Let Our Mechanics Help You Optimize the Value of Your Trade

If you’d like, our mechanics could inspect your trade-in and help you identify any issues that might decrease its value when it comes time to sell. For help, simply call our service department at (734) 672-3924 to book an appointment. We look forward to helping Livonia drivers get a fair offer on their trade-in!


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